Tampa Flag

So you're asking yourself - What can I do to get involved in redesigning Tampa's flag?

The answer is plenty!

Tell everyone you know!

The more people are aware of the sad state of our current flag, the more momentum and energy there will be among the citizens of Tampa to change it. Spread the word that Tampa has a flag, but it needs some work.

Contact city officials!

If you'd never seen the flag, or couldn't recognize it even if you did, city officials might not have seen it or be able to recognize it either (yes, it's that bad). Talk to them about what can be done to change it. They're people too.

Start doodling!

A 3x5 foot flag on a pole 100 feet away looks about the same size as a 1x1.5 inch rectangle seen about 15 inches from your eye. Try designing your flag within that space. Don't forget the 5 principles of good flag design.

Together We Can Fix Our Flag