Change Tampa Flag


The Current Flag

This is Tampa's current flag. It was designed by a local engineer and adopted on July 1, 1930. The design combines elements from the flags of Britian, Spain, France, Italy, and the United States to represent these countries' contributions to Florida and to the city of Tampa. We believe we can do better. For more information about the history of the current flag, click here.

Our Future
"As we move more and more into cities, a city flag will not become just a symbol of that city as a place, but also it could become a symbol of how that city considers design itself… a well-designed flag could be seen as an indicator of how a city considers all of its design systems." - Roman Mars



Our City
Our city is beautiful, historically rich, wonderfully diverse, and moving up in the world. With a vision for developments all across town that will focus on health and design, a privileged role as one of the country's first testers of automated cars, and a litany of accolades, Tampa deserves a well-designed flag it can be proud of.

Our Goal
Our goal is to improve our flag. We plan to do this by convincing city officials to take redesign submissions from the public. The country and the world will be looking more and more toward Tampa. We want a flag that generates pride and reflects the unique character of this great city.




Take Action
Make your voice heard. Sign the petition to alert city officials that the public wants a new flag. Take the survey to demonstrate there is a desire to have the flag redesigned. We urge you to share Tampa's flag with others, and to gauge their opinions of redesigning the flag. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Together We Can Fix Our Flag